In this section, you can see how much you're expending on your cloud accounts using different metrics. It provides an overview of your estimated expenses by project, account and cloud provider.

We talk about estimated expenses because no cloud providers give a real-time report of your expenses.

Every cloud provider has its own way of reporting expenses and update periods.

Ex.: AWS updates their reports between two and four times a day, while Google only reports expenses for the day before

Daily spent

Daily spent

Shows your daily spent with different grouping options. At the right side of the screen, you can see the month total, previous month and the difference between them

Grouped by:

  • By Account
    Daily spent by account

  • By Vendor
    Daily spent aggregated by cloud provider

  • By Product Area This is an internal classification made by Cloudglass. We group the services by it's type Databases, CDN’s, IaaS, etc. This categorization is cross-cloud.

    Ex.: Expenses of AWS RDS or Cloud Spanner de Google will be shown as Databases.

  • By Project It's a cross-cloud and cross-account aggregation that allows you to see how much your project is spending

    If you have a project with resources deployed on AWS and Google Cloudglass will search, link and aggregate the expenses of that project so you can see the final amount.

    Cloudglass will first identify expenses related to the different projects that you may have on all your accounts regardless of the vendor where they are.

    identificación de proyectos

    Then it will aggregate those expenses and if necessary it will make a currency conversion

    identificación de proyectos

    Note: This features need that you tag your resources first (more info)

Updates information

Click on the link Show Details at the lower left side of the daily expense chart

This tool will tell you when was the last time that Cloudglass updated the expenses for your projects, accounts and cloud provider.

Información de actualizacion

Top Projects, Product Area and accounts

Top Projects, Product Area and accounts

  • Top Projects Projects that spend the most.

  • Top Product Areas Product Areas that spend the most

  • Top Accounts Accounts that spend the most

Last 12 months and forecast

Last 12 months and forecast

  • Last 12 months Shows the expenses of the last 12 months grouped by cloud provider

  • Forecast Forecast for the current month and the next two by cloud provider