Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing

This section gives you a more detail view of your expenses.

Every item billed by the provider will be present in this section and just like in the Dashboard section you can see your expenses grouped by different metrics.

One key feature of this section is that you can see monthly or daily expenses. Use the daily report to analyze consumptions peaks in your projects or accounts.


Just like in the Dashboard section, you can see your expenses grouped in 3 ways:

  • By Account Show details grouped by accounts.

  • By Vendor Shows details grouped by cloud provider.

  • Por Proyecto Shows details grouped by projects.

Total's table

Your items totals.

When clicking over an item you can drill down to explore the related expenses on that item. You have 3 levels to explore:

  1. Item total (project, account or provider) Item total

  2. Service total Service total

  3. Region total. Region total

Expenses details

Expenses details of each service used on the project, account or cloud provider. cloud-billing-details